Saturday, June 21, 2008


Pointillism friends, together again !

Some familiar and well loved artistic friends will be taking this Metro ride together. I'm thrilled to be working with Chace Coulter, who has helped extensively to develop our rep from 2006 through the present. Chace first appeared in the electrically charged December 8th 2006 premiere of Pointillism's "Ellington Nutcracker Suite." And now he heats up the Metro rails in this dynamic performance. And Danielle DuFore Garcia will join in, too! A long-lost friend of Chace's from OCU who has known Suzanne since her student days at Dance Etc. in Woodbridge, VA, Danielle appeared in our award-winning "Caribbean Cruise." Caroline Amer hails from London to rejoin Pointillism after two years of extensive study in the land of the Bard. She worked with us previously on a musical, "That Pig, Morin!" Ivry Newsome steps into METRO from Austin Texas in his premiere production with Pointillism. Lately he has danced in a vertical setting with Blue Lapis Light, an aerial dance theatre company from Austin, Texas -- he and Chace have a long history of Nutcrackers together! And other performers from the D.C. area will take the "reality transport" from Dance Etc. Ann Boyle's school is graciously hosting the rehearsals for METRO: in the state of mind -- thank you! We're anticipating an energy filled summer trip at the Capital Fringe Festival! If you'd like to check out any of our other projects, visit the Pointillism Jazz Consort site via the link on this blog. Next stop -- a surreal Metro platform with my lifelong friend and great artist, Ron Hazelett!

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