Friday, June 20, 2008


I ♥ Metro

This whole project is amazing. I'm having a great time being around these crazy people and seeing about how to put together a profesional show... I love to sit there and listen to all these amazing actors, dancers, and singers develop it. Sometimes I sit quietly for hours just observing, and it never gets boring.
In tonight's rehearsal, we did all sorts of surreal improvisation. Imitating how it feels as you're dreaming, getting stuck, being naked in public, losing control... One time I was being manic and overly super happy, supergirl feeling. We had a blast and Cesily and I got out of control afterwards. Cesily has this crazy laugh she likes to do, so we were coming up with creepy crazy laughs. I think we scared Jordan out of her wits.
One great plus of the whole thing is going to Starbucks and Donatos alot, because those are THE only places in Akron open late after rehearsals. All I've got to say is Akron needs some night life. Like in Madrid, thats where I want to be. Maybe we can do a show in Madrid sometime, as well as Nice, France, because thats where Suzanne wants to be. Any real city will do, though.
We'll be in DC, probably my favorite city I've ever been to. About a month ago, My dad(Ian), Suzanne, Chace, and I went to DC to do research about the Metro. We had a blast, riding up and down the same lines over and over, and we're going again this weekend, to figure everything out again.
After rehearsals, I feel like I'm on the Metro because we have to sit and feel as though we're riding on the Metro.

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