Saturday, June 21, 2008


The mythical quest for pool rafts

One late-spring evening, in the beauty of the nature, together we pondered how... where... from whom... when... could we get orange see-through plastic. Suzanne thought there might be an expert plastic scientist who could tell her how to get the mythical substance.
Theatrical Gels!!!! What a great idea... but they are expensive, they may work though. We decided to continue our quest in search of the amazing orange plastic. We found a wizard and he looked in his crystal, and said we could find what we were looking for at-------WALMART--------
So there we went, armed with imagination and wits, and there we found orange pool rafts. Suzanne decided that they were IT, so we cleared out the entire stock of them, all 64.
That is the story of the orange plastic which you will find on posters, the programs, and throughout the show if you look closely.

note: no animals were harmed in the quest for orange plastic
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