Tuesday, June 24, 2008



So I thought between packing up my flat, finding a new flat for August, rehearsing American Clock which goes up this week and working on Metro I might as well write a little note in the blog as well. We had our first conference call on Monday morning... well morning for me, 5 Am and midnight for everyone else. It went well, except the fact that my computer wasn't working so Ian had to call my mobile and then no one could understand what I was saying so I had to try and type my info into an IM. I know everyone got a good laugh at how English I sound on my answering machine at least. I'm really excited about this project, not only will it be a huge step for me personally in my acting/dancing, but also because I have never worked with many of the cast members. I've worked with both Suzanne and Ron since I was a younger, but this is my first experience working with them on a professional level. I'm really excited that I can bring some of the Laban technique that I'm learning at Drama Centre London where I am currently studying. I'm trying to get everything else done in my life so I can just concentrate on all the work I have to do for Metro! I've begun creating a character that I am quite excited about and now I just need the time to really flesh it out.... all I need now is to find a webcam that will actually work on my laptop...

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