Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Press Release: To Fringe or not to Fringe


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Andy Jordan on board!

We're very excited to work on METRO with NYC costume designer Andy Jordan. Andy doesn't get back to Akron very much, but he took some time to meet with us at Angel Falls Coffee as he was passing through. We all shared our thoughts about METRO: in the state of mind - Andy had some really neat ideas for costuming and set design. Here are some pictures from a performance art project we did with Andy for a gala in 2004. Welcome, Andy!

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Press Release: METRO's Far Flung Perceptions


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008



So I thought between packing up my flat, finding a new flat for August, rehearsing American Clock which goes up this week and working on Metro I might as well write a little note in the blog as well. We had our first conference call on Monday morning... well morning for me, 5 Am and midnight for everyone else. It went well, except the fact that my computer wasn't working so Ian had to call my mobile and then no one could understand what I was saying so I had to try and type my info into an IM. I know everyone got a good laugh at how English I sound on my answering machine at least. I'm really excited about this project, not only will it be a huge step for me personally in my acting/dancing, but also because I have never worked with many of the cast members. I've worked with both Suzanne and Ron since I was a younger, but this is my first experience working with them on a professional level. I'm really excited that I can bring some of the Laban technique that I'm learning at Drama Centre London where I am currently studying. I'm trying to get everything else done in my life so I can just concentrate on all the work I have to do for Metro! I've begun creating a character that I am quite excited about and now I just need the time to really flesh it out.... all I need now is to find a webcam that will actually work on my laptop...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I love my job!

I am really excited about working with the great ensemble we are assembling. The cast is very seasoned and is really good at releasing their raw talent. How do I know this even though we have not all gotten together to rehearse? I have had the privilege of working with most of them already. I met Danielle first. We were friends where we studied dance at Oklahoma City University in the early 90's. We also performed professionally together. It has been fifteen years since I saw her closing night of "West Side Story"...I can't wait to see her again! Two years later I met Ivry in Austin. We worked together in a show for Kinesis Dance Company. We remained friends throughout my years in Austin and many years later played opposite each other in The Nutcracker. He perfectly played the Rat King when he took on the Nutcracker(me) in the Battle Scene for three years. After moving to Ohio I met Suzanne. For a year and a half she has been my director and friend, but I have been wanting to perform with her. I hope this is just the first! I worked with Zach in "Cinderella" last summer. I really liked his talents, however, our characters never crossed paths so we didn't really get a chance to work together. I look forward to doing that. This past December I worked with Ron in "Nutcracker in Candy Land." It felt great to perform with a true thespian. Caroline I know the least. I think she is a lovely girl. I saw her in a very short rehearsal once and I remember thinking how I would like to work with her someday. Here's my chance. I am truly happy to break out of the mold of learning set choreography and performing on an athletic level. This is intellectual theatre...something I can really sink my teeth into. And what a terrific cast!

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The mythical quest for pool rafts

One late-spring evening, in the beauty of the nature, together we pondered how... where... from whom... when... could we get orange see-through plastic. Suzanne thought there might be an expert plastic scientist who could tell her how to get the mythical substance.
Theatrical Gels!!!! What a great idea... but they are expensive, they may work though. We decided to continue our quest in search of the amazing orange plastic. We found a wizard and he looked in his crystal, and said we could find what we were looking for at-------WALMART--------
So there we went, armed with imagination and wits, and there we found orange pool rafts. Suzanne decided that they were IT, so we cleared out the entire stock of them, all 64.
That is the story of the orange plastic which you will find on posters, the programs, and throughout the show if you look closely.


Pointillism friends, together again !

Some familiar and well loved artistic friends will be taking this Metro ride together. I'm thrilled to be working with Chace Coulter, who has helped extensively to develop our rep from 2006 through the present. Chace first appeared in the electrically charged December 8th 2006 premiere of Pointillism's "Ellington Nutcracker Suite." And now he heats up the Metro rails in this dynamic performance. And Danielle DuFore Garcia will join in, too! A long-lost friend of Chace's from OCU who has known Suzanne since her student days at Dance Etc. in Woodbridge, VA, Danielle appeared in our award-winning "Caribbean Cruise." Caroline Amer hails from London to rejoin Pointillism after two years of extensive study in the land of the Bard. She worked with us previously on a musical, "That Pig, Morin!" Ivry Newsome steps into METRO from Austin Texas in his premiere production with Pointillism. Lately he has danced in a vertical setting with Blue Lapis Light, an aerial dance theatre company from Austin, Texas -- he and Chace have a long history of Nutcrackers together! And other performers from the D.C. area will take the "reality transport" from Dance Etc. Ann Boyle's school is graciously hosting the rehearsals for METRO: in the state of mind -- thank you! We're anticipating an energy filled summer trip at the Capital Fringe Festival! If you'd like to check out any of our other projects, visit the Pointillism Jazz Consort site via the link on this blog. Next stop -- a surreal Metro platform with my lifelong friend and great artist, Ron Hazelett!

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Friday, June 20, 2008


I ♥ Metro

This whole project is amazing. I'm having a great time being around these crazy people and seeing about how to put together a profesional show... I love to sit there and listen to all these amazing actors, dancers, and singers develop it. Sometimes I sit quietly for hours just observing, and it never gets boring.
In tonight's rehearsal, we did all sorts of surreal improvisation. Imitating how it feels as you're dreaming, getting stuck, being naked in public, losing control... One time I was being manic and overly super happy, supergirl feeling. We had a blast and Cesily and I got out of control afterwards. Cesily has this crazy laugh she likes to do, so we were coming up with creepy crazy laughs. I think we scared Jordan out of her wits.
One great plus of the whole thing is going to Starbucks and Donatos alot, because those are THE only places in Akron open late after rehearsals. All I've got to say is Akron needs some night life. Like in Madrid, thats where I want to be. Maybe we can do a show in Madrid sometime, as well as Nice, France, because thats where Suzanne wants to be. Any real city will do, though.
We'll be in DC, probably my favorite city I've ever been to. About a month ago, My dad(Ian), Suzanne, Chace, and I went to DC to do research about the Metro. We had a blast, riding up and down the same lines over and over, and we're going again this weekend, to figure everything out again.
After rehearsals, I feel like I'm on the Metro because we have to sit and feel as though we're riding on the Metro.


Welcome to METRO: state of mind


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